foods that fight wrinkles

A great discovery: foods that fight wrinkles

while we are complaining about diet and the frustrating thought of more fitness training, research has come to show that we can stay young if we eat and drink things that we really like. It turns out that the secret to looking young is wine and chocolate – a winning combination!

Researchers have found that chocolate and wine together help rejuvenate old skin cells, which means bottom line – that we look younger. As we grow older, the DNA in our cells ages, but once we introduce foods rich in flavonoids known for their antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties like red wine, dark chocolate, red grapes and blueberries, our body can keep the cells young. this is a breakthrough that could lead to many antiaging treatments.

The study, conducted at the University of Exeter and supported by previous studies from the University of Brighton and based on their previous findings, tried to prove that it was possible to live better and look younger.

Professor Harris, a senior researcher, said: “This is the first step in trying to get people to live a normal and healthy life over time.” Our data indicate that the consumption of these substances will help the old cells regenerate.

Dr. Eva Lator, from Exeter University, who did the experiments, was surprised by the speed and regeneration of the cells: “I just could not believe it,” she said, “these old cells looked like young cells. I repeated these experiments several times and each time the cells were renewed. ”   It is important to note that this is not about excessive drinking but about one glass of red wine, and not on any chocolate cake but on high-quality chocolate with high cocoa percentage, so you will not look younger if you get drunk and eat chocolate soufflé.   The study was published in BMJ Cell Biology.

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