pregnancy aps

The app that helped more than 300 thousand women get pregnant

Smartphones and apps changed our lives in a few ways, and one of the newer and lesser-known ones is the use of apps as a tool for women who try to get pregnant or maintain their health during pregnancy.

Ovuline has released their first data on the use of its application in 2014, which allows predicting the ovulation days with great precision while weighing the patient’s medical indicators and mental state. With the application, 20,000 women become pregnant each month

pregnancy apps
Pregnancy apps

The application uses technology developed by researchers at Harvard to collect medical information about users, including data such as blood pressure, weight, nutrition, cycle times and even mental information – and use it to predict the days of ovulation with high accuracy. The application measures relevant parameters and provides users with alerts about possible complications, fetal development data, dietary recommendations and other useful information.

Another application called Glow, founded by PayPal founder Max Levchin works similarly and provides data that predict the chances of pregnancy that day – along with tools for daily monitoring. It helps not only women who want to conceive but also those who prefer to avoid pregnancy, and its founders say they have so far helped 25,000 women conceive. The company recently raised $ 17 million from a number of prominent funds, including Andresen Horowitz and Founders Fund.

A third major competitor, named “Kindera” Developed a special thermometer called Wink that connects to a wireless smartphone and enables the measurement of temperature in the mouth during defined hours, combining it with additional data, and presenting users and doctors with graphs that will help them control and shorten the process of getting pregnant.

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